The night is young yet you have somehow managed to become bored. Your history textbooks do not interest you tonight and everyone in your matesprit’s hive is off doing something or the other. Larfon is doing something scientific that you suspect may have to do with blowing things in beakers up, Nakena is up and about cleaning, and Jarcen is nowhere to be found. Just your luck that the one night you feel like having some social interaction, everyone is off doing something. 

Your one chance to cure your ennui is trolling someone, or maybe even getting trolled yourself. Taking out the giant book that functions as your sylladex, you flip through the pages until you come across the one of the color of your laptop. Poking the small picture of your computer on it, the page briefly shimmers before your laptop pops out of the pages and into your lap. At least today it chose to not swap around the different color pages, which cuts you a break for once. After putting your book away, you power on your computer and open Trollian. Hopefully someone will be on tonight.

((Anyone at all who wants to can just jump right in. I don’t care if we’ve never talked before, just go ahead. c: ))