Help my mom beat cancer!



Hi. I decided now was as good a time as any to discuss this.

This is my mom. 

She was recently diagnosed with a very rare cancer— salivary gland cancer. While it is not  terminal, and likely to be resolved after treatment, it is very expensive to treat. 

The cancer started out with a tumor that she had removed last month, but not all of it could be removed due to its location.

My mom has already undergone surgery to remove her teeth and prepare her for her radiation treatment. This surgery alone was very costly as will be the dentures she receives after she’s treated for the cancer.

The type of treatment she will get is called Neuron Therapy Treatment— only three places in the United States offer this treatment. This means we will be required to move up to Seattle, WA while she is being treated. As far as a place to stay, my uncle has paid our one month’s rent at a two-bedroom apartment. However, there are still expenses that need to be covered.

What I’m asking for is a donation. If you can, please visit this website  to read more about my mom’s story and make a donation if possible. I’m not asking you to give anything you can’t afford, but everything helps. In one week we have raised five thousand, our goal is 20k. 

Please, if you can’t donate, reblog this and signal boost. Our family and friends have done so much already, but help and support from anyone is greatly appreciated. 

Like my moms says “this is no trubs for a family like ours.”

please help this chick out omfg aaaauughgsfhg sdgf if you don’t i will PUNCH YOU

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