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I made a song for a character that most of you don’t know.

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Black as Pitch- Kolari and Nihall’s Theme

An Old Seadweller Chant

Hey, ho, look at us go

Through the jungle and through the snow

Hey, ho, look at us go,

From the back of our ship to the front of the hull

Hey, ho, look at us go

Look at us go, look at us go

Hey, ho, look at us go

We’re ruling the seas and taking the throne

Killing the lowbloods and slitting their throats

All trolls will fear us, we know, we know

Hey, ho, watching us go

Two beasts with one stone, only one throw

We’re ruling the lowbloods and stealing the show

Our ships shall sail so long as the winds will blow

Hey, ho, look at us go

We’re seadwellers and all landlubbers’ woe!

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Bounding Around the Galaxy- Kolari’s Theme

((I saw a few people making fantroll themes so I decided to take a crack at it. I don’t mind the way this came out though it could have been better.))

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